French Administrative Supreme Court annuls marketing authorisation for procedural reasons

Jeanne Fabre

Florida Palm Biogaran is a herbal medicinal product for the treatment of moderate urinary disorders associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. On 31 December 2019, the French Administrative Supreme Court annulled the marketing authorisation (MA) for the medicinal product on procedural grounds. As a result, the medicine should no longer be prescribed or dispensed. The French Read More

France – Impact of the 2020 Social Security Financing Bill for life sciences companies

Eveline Van Keymeulen

The French Social Security Financing Bill (LFSS) was enacted on 24 December 2019 and published in the French Official Journal on 27 December 2019. This year, the LFSS includes life sciences-related provisions: ¬†Generic medicines reimbursement. Last year’s LFSS encouraged generic medicines substitution by capping the amount reimbursed for originator medicines to that of generic ones. Read More

French medical cannabis programme: CSST provides further guidance and statement of works to be published in February

Eveline Van Keymeulen

On 28 January 2020, the French specialised scientific committee (CSST) provided some further insight with respect to the necessary requirements for companies to participate in the medical cannabis pilot programme. The first phase of the programme, which is the implementation phase, officially kicked off in October 2019 (see our latest blog post “First phase of Read More

French Court of Auditors publishes report on National Professional Order of Physicians

Eveline Van Keymeulen

On December 2019, the French Court of Auditors published a report (French language) following an audit carried out on the French Medical Council and some of the Departmental Councils of the Medical Order. The court reported several issues in the organisation, management and control of the institution, identifying that it:  Was sociologically unrepresentative of the Read More

France defines medical situations in which physicians can exclude generic substitution

Eveline Van Keymeulen

On 19 November 2019, pursuant to Article 66 of the 2019 Social Security Financing Act (LFSS), the implementing order that indicates the medical situations in which physicians may exclude substitution on prescriptions was published (Order of 12 November 2019). For background information, see our previous blog post French 2019 Social Security Financing Act introduces new Read More