UK ICO investigation into the Royal Free’s use of patient data used as an opportunity to educate

Charlotte Mullarkey

In a case which has wide implications for the health care sector, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ruled that the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust failed to comply with the UK Data Protection Act when it provided personal data of about 1.6 million patients to Google DeepMind.  The personal data was provided as Read More

ABPI challenges new NICE and NHS England medicine pricing rules in the UK

Steven Baldwin

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has confirmed that it is challenging new rules put in place from 1 April 2017 in the UK by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and NHS England, by way of an application for judicial review of the rules by the UK High Court.  Read More

Supreme Court modifies the UK approach to assessing scope of protection (Lilly v Actavis)

Tom Edwards

On 12 July, the UK Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the Lilly v Actavis pemetrexed case bringing the long-running dispute to a conclusion.  The Supreme Court was asked to consider a number of issues, the most significant being whether the approach of the English courts to determining the extent of protection conferred by Read More

Restitution of enrichment by mistake – AstraZeneca recovers $2 million for candidate drugs mistakenly interpreted to be ‘Collaboration Compounds’

Robyn Trigg

In Astex Therapeutics v AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca were able to recover $2 million by way of restitution of enrichment for two milestone payments made to Astex by mistake under a collaboration agreement. Astex and AstraZeneca entered into an agreement to develop a BACE inhibitor for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  After expiry of the collaboration term, the Read More

The Attorney-General’s opinion on Swiss-form claims in the Dutch ribavirin case: MSD v Teva

Jin Ooi

The Dutch courts are on a roll this year in clarifying the scope of protection of Swiss-form claims.  Earlier this month, Attorney-General Wissink delivered his opinion in the long-running ribavirin case involving Merck Sharp & Dohme and Teva, concerning a Swiss-form claim for the use of ribavirin (a known substance) for treating a specific selection Read More