Slovak government softens regulation of CBD (cannabidiol)

Zuzana Hecko

On 21 August 2019 the Slovak government introduced a draft law which deletes CBD (cannabidiol) from the list of psychotropic substances and therefore makes CBD a non-regulated substance.

CBD has been included in the list of psychotropic substances (category II) in Act No. 139/1998 (the  Narcotics Act) since 2011. It was included on the list by mistake and has not been removed from it since then. Slovakia is the only country in the EU where CBD is a regulated substance.

The underlying explanatory report accompanying the draft law states that CBD does not have any psychoactive characteristics and has no potential for abuse or addiction. There is therefore no need to maintain it on the list of psychotropic substances.

After being approved by the government, the draft law will now have to pass through the regular parliamentary procedures. Considering the upcoming elections (February 2020), it remains to be seen whether the government will succeed in passing the law before the elections take place.



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